Vertical Turbine Pumps

Our Vertical Turbine Pump (VTP) line goes from 4LPS or 63GPM to 950LPS or 15,000 GPM. These are the most durable pumps in our product line. Our pumps are water or oil lubricated and our bowl and impeller materials can be made according to your needs and application. The most common applications for our VTP pumps are for use in deep water wells, wet pit and barrels.


The VTP can be installed with a long column to reach the water reservoir. We pay special attention to the mechanical design to assure our materials are resistant to corrosion. System flow is determined by the AFORO process, which tests the capacity of the system and the dynamic level of the water. Whit these variables we can design the pump that will deliver the flow and head needed based on the dynamic level as well as handle additional pressure if the water needs to travel on a line. VTP can be driven by an electric motor, diesel motor and with Soft Starter or VFD.

This type of system can be used in different applications.


  • Applications

    Water Wells and Pit

    The VTP was initially design for water wells, which is still its most common application. Irrigation and municipal water use are therefore natural markets. Initially, they were used with open discharge and later discharge heads were added to connect to lines.

    Wet Pit

    The versatility of the VTP makes it a great choice as a booster pump. Wet pits are useful when you have a multi-source water supply. Wet pits are also helpful when solids, such as sand, which can damage the pump or other components are present and need to be cleared from the water supply through sedimentation.
    In these cases the Vertical Turbine Pump is an excellent choice, due to its small space requirements, making it easy to install and maintain.

    Barrel Vertical Pumps

    The demand for barrel vertical pumps, or canned VTP, has increased considerably, due to the steady growth in municipal drinking water infrastructure.
    The increasing complexity of subterranean municipal drinking water lines, at varied depths and in different soil types, makes the canned VTP in high demand since it can be easily connected to both inlets and outlets to increase water pressure. Barrel suction is adjusted based on depth, with vertical turbines tailored to cover the pressure, suction, and discharge requirements of each line.
    A canned VTP is also great option since it eliminates the need for a wet pit in a dense urban setting.

    Fire Pumps

    We have a wide variety of fire suppression pumps, from small, basic electric-motor pumps to larger diesel-electric units. Our standard units are designed for clean, freshwater use. However, we also build special units for saltwater, offshore use employing anti-corrosive materials. WARSON fire pumps provide superior performance for general industrial facilities, construction, commercial facilities, power plants, and offshore platforms, and are all compliant with NFPA 20 requirements.

  • Technical Information

    Vertical Turbine Pumps for Water Wells and Pit.


    • Deep reservoir water wells or for use in any body of water, including lakes, rivers, acquifers or for geothermic use.


    • Up to 950 LPS or 15,500 GPM.


    • 750 PSI or 1,730 FT.

    Column Length:

    • Up to 450 meters, or 1476 feet.

    Wet Pit Column:

    • Up to 30 meters or 98 feet.

    Liquid Types:

    • Clean, fresh water.
    • Sea water .
    • Mining waste water.

    Liquidis Newtonianos:

    • Newtonian fluids


    • From 2° C to 82° C, or 36 to 178 Fahrenheit.

    HP Requirements:

    • Up to 1,000 HP.

    Power Supply:

    • Electric Motors.
    • Steam Turbines.
    • Diesel Motors.
    • Gear drive.

    Construction Materials:

    • Nickel aluminum bronze.
    • Standard bronze, Bronze-844.
    • Stainless steel, SS-316.
    • Ductile iron.
    • Cast iron, Cl-30.

  • Components

    Vertical pumps require vertical motors. The most common driver for a VTP is a hollow shaft VHS electric motor or right angle gear drive. In both cases the driver must be properly designed for the appropriate axial load bearing based on the hydraulic thrust, as must all other parts of the pump. We offer a range of motor and gear drive sizes to fit the specifications of each pump.

    Discharge Head

    The discharge head supports the pump motor or gear drive by providing correct shaft alignment, while also anchoring the pump. The discharge head also serves as a conduit to re-direct the water from vertical to horizontal flow for free discharge or to connect it to a line.


    The column connects the pump end with the discharge head and also serves to direct water flow. The inner column can be either oil- or water-lubricated. The column is precision-machined to provide the correct alignment between the shaft and the vertical pump end and can be threaded or flanged, depending on requirements.

    Vertical Pump End

    Depending on requirements, the vertical pump end can be one or multiple stages.

    WARSON offers a range of pump sizes between 5” and 30” and with different impeller types to serve your specific needs. We have high pressure turbine impellers, medium pressure and low pressure in mixed-flows and propellers per stage. Our standard construction uses cast iron Cl-30 bowls, Bronze 844 impellers and stainless steel SS416 shafting. For longer pump life a strainer is highly recommended to keep solids from entering the pump.