Soft starters WEG

With the evolution of processes and machines, the need to use resources that allow the motors to be driven in a smooth and controlled manner is increasingly perceived. Using state-of-the-art technology, WEG soft starters were designed to guarantee the best performance for each type of application, offering resources that allow starting and stopping of three-phase induction electric motors in a simple and efficient way, protecting the motor and the load against conjugate impacts through gradually acceleration, until nominal rotation is reached. WEG soft starters are ideal, cost-effective solutions for starting and stopping three-phase induction motors, in applications that require speed and torque control during start-up.


  • Generals

    -NEMA 1 enclosure, self supported / wall mount (depending on power)

    -Main thermomagnetic switch

    -NH Ar ultra fast fuses

    -WEG soft starter

    -Control transformer

  • Command

    -Illuminated button (Idle / Start)

    -Illuminated button (Active / Stop)

    -(Fail / Reset) button

    -Selector Manual / Outside / Automatic

    -WEG general emergency stop button

  • Tensions

    -220/440 Vac supply voltage

    -Control voltage 110 to 120 V a.c.

  • Main Protections Included

    -Lack of phase, both in the power supply and in the motor

    -Locked rotor

    -Motor overload

    -Phase sequence

    -Voltage and current imbalance

    -Internal failure, etc.

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