The JMS Pumping Control Center helps users to face the current challenges of water scarcity, rising energy costs and the demand of the markets to generate productivity. Our JMS Pumping Control Center provides remote integration and monitoring of both the pumping equipment and all the equipment connected to the network, as well as remote control, reporting and diagnosis of these; remote monitoring facilitated by the internet generates accessibility to the equipment from anywhere in the world. The integration of the pumping equipment with the JMS pumping control center is an invaluable management tool that generates savings in water, electricity and extends the life of the pumping equipment thanks to maintenance alarms and/or when there is any station problem preventing damage to the pump.


It is designed to maximize water use, use energy and equipment conservation in the most efficient way, since it reduces operating costs and increases system productivity. In addition, it centralizes all the necessary information from the administration of its wastewater treatment plant.

we have simplex, duplex, triplex, quadruplex boards or we make one adapted to your needs


  • Automation and web

    High communication possibilities

    • 4G LTE cellular connectivity in the cloud.
    • 900 MHz RF star network configuration for multi-pump connectivity.
    • BLE.
    • GPS.

    Field signal integration

    • Compatibility with 4-20 mA transmitters (Flow, pressure and level, among others).
    • Sensor integration.


    • Analog input x 4: 0-2.5V, 0-10V / 4-20mA (configurable SW).
    • 1 digital input.
    • RS485 Half-Duplex.


    • Vibration monitoring.
    • Temperature ± 5º [ºF].
    • Battery voltage [V].
    • Measurement of electrical parameters of the route analyzer.
    • Phase shift.
    • Phase loss.
    • Locked rotor.
    • Alarms.
    • Among other.

    Data logger

    • Historical recording of process data using the controller's internal memory.
    • Configuration backup.

    User interface

    • Internet navigator.
    • Mobile apps: IOS and Android using BLE for connectivity of offline devices on site.
  • Systems

    Pretreatment System

    • Grille.
    • Sand traps.
    • Degreasers.

    Treatment System

    • Aeration.
    • Sedimentation.
    • Equalization.
    • Filtration.

    Disinfection system

    • Chlorination.

    Sludge Dehydration System

    • Sludge concentrator.
    • Aerated sludge tank.
    • Centrifuge.

Data sheets

Simplex system


Duplex system


Triplex system


Quadruplex system